A session with your animal enhances your relationship. Regardless of the topic, you gain a deeper understanding and respect for these “Earth Angels.”  Whether here physically or in spirit, animals are here to help us and they love us unconditionally.

I see the world through their eyes; your animal companions want you to know who they are.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication “Tell them who we are.”

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I believe the animals chose me. I have always had a deep love and bond with the animals in my life.  Our communication started when dogs and cats began “popping in” during private and public Mediumship readings. I would see the animal then feel their incredible excitement to “speak” to their loved ones. It felt like a huge “Welcome Home!” after returning from an extended vacation.

I communicated with birds, cats, dogs and George, one unforgettable iguana in Polly Klein’s animal communication workshop. I continued studying and practicing with rabbits, horses, reptiles, snakes, rats, goats, dogs, cats and any animal that came my way! An internship with Jacquelin Smith, a national and internationally known communicator, deepened my knowledge and understanding of animal’s abilities and gifts and Marta Williams specialty classes rounded out my knowledge. I joined Martha Norwalk’s Animal World on KKNW in Seattle as the program’s Animal Intuitive and New Spirit Journal as a columnist.


Our animals are always  grateful for an opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions. We may discuss physical or behavioral concerns such as foods, an injury or problem. They sometimes have questions regarding a vacation, move or change in the household. Some animals want to share their life and experiences before meeting you or  tell you how they are helping you on your  path. There is always  a message for you. Every reading is unique and enlightening.  Animals are here to learn and grow. They have life lessons and a purpose much like our own.