I highly recommend Darcy Pariso

for her gifted ability to build and maintain listenership. Everyone who comes in contact with this angelic personality will truly be enriched and blessed by all that she imparts. – Cathleen Southwick

Darcy spoke with all four of our horses with the ease of a normal human conversation. Each horse was very different and offered unexpected commentary which was very helpful for our family, and for their care and well being. I am very impressed with her ability to immediately connect with animals, and how she treats them with respect, compassion, and kindness. In our session, Darcy spoke her questions for all to hear, and after receiving messages telepathically, she repeated the commentary and impressions to her clients. This was very useful to hear both sides of the conversation, and offered an opportunity to interject with questions or to confirm and acknowledge truth. She also followed up with additional information obtained remotely along with a document covering her findings. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is having issues, or simply wants to better understand the thoughts and feelings of their animals.

Paul Lange, Lake Stevens, WA

I just finished my first class in animal communication with Darcy and it was amazing! Not only is she a kind and wonderful person, she is also an incredible teacher. Her teaching methods are concise and clear, several times throughout the class she would pause to make sure all of our individual questions were answered. The material she covered was in depth and covered a lot of ground but it was easy to understand. It was so great to see all of the students (including myself) have small successes and breakthroughs as we implemented the lessons. Darcy was supportive and encouraged each of us through our own learning processes, especially since we all have different abilities and learn at our own pace. I highly recommend Darcy as a teacher and mentor to anyone wanting to deepen their connection and communication with their own pets or help other animals!

Nina Holmstrom, Seattle, WA

It is not the time I have known Darcy it is the experience of Darcy.  I am so blessed to have engaged her with issues from animals to humans.  Words are the vibration of life and her voice and her words are filled with love, kindness and integrity.  Darcy is an experience you do not want to miss. Her gifts will touch your heart.

Shelli Soble, Seattle, WA

I got the job!

Just found out this morning. To refresh your memory: You said that the job would come about in an unexpected way, that someone would be out on some kind of leave or taking time off. And that it would be short-term, but might be open-ended like they don’t know for sure if the person is coming back or not. Those are the exact circumstances of this position.  -Angie Longacre, Seattle

Darcy is an excellent animal communicator.

I have had several readings with her for my dog Lexi-Lou who is my little baby. I’m very protective of her and only want the best for her. So, it’s important for me to trust and highly respect who I receive important information from about her – and Darcy is that person. She’s helped me with health questions about Lexi and also how to help her transition through a recent move across country (doggie day care and also pet sitters). And, every time Darcy has been great. I even recommend my clients to her. Thank you Darcy for helping me take good care of my girl Lexi-Lou. And, she thanks you too!            -Kimberly Thalken, Founder: Love First. Where Life Transformations Happen, Best        American Psychic, Best American Healer

As an animal communicator, Darcy has helped both my lab, Ripley, and me to emotionally recover in the aftermath of a very horrific dogfight. Darcy was able to contact both dogs to help me understand the cause of the fight as well as provide additional insight that has helped us recover in many levels. I highly recommend Darcy. She is the “real deal” and is committed to helping animals and their caretakers to reach a richer relationship. – Karen Ammons

Thank you for the fantastic reading on Bodhi today. You were very comprehensive and the information was quite enlightening. Thanks again, and many blessings to you.
– Regina Chante, LMT, Portland, OR

Darcy has helped me with the loss of two cats. She helped me to connect with both of them after they had passed and it brought me a huge sense of peace. I miss their physical presence, but now know they are still around me. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Darcy! – Karrin Dobbe, Bellevue, WA

I am amazed at her accuracy and insights.

They say Darcy’s real mediumship talent is in connecting us with animals.  I am not completely convinced of this.  In two readings now (plus those I have obtained for others), I am amazed at her accuracy and insights.  The way she describes particulars about those on the other side that you are connecting with – or who wish to connect with you – lends great power to what messages are conveyed from those who have passed and greatly validates the experience.  I am sometimes stunned at how well she describes personality and traits of these departed souls she has not met … and then connects messages from them in a context that ties it to their character, their own soul purpose and lessons, their experiences with you, and their recent journey here on earth.  Sometimes she can also connect you with people still living, and give voice to them (through their higher selves) in a way that they are not at all capable of conveying on their own with you in a direct conversation.  Anybody who does not therefore avail themselves of this woman’s incredible gift evokes great sadness in me, for missing out on revelations which can not only be treasured for a lifetime by yourself, but shared with others.

-Larry Cenotto, Seattle, WA

No judgement, No criticism, just Pure Love! That’s what you get when you have a session with Darcy. Genuine, heartfelt and amazingly uplifting. That is what I experienced in my reading with Darcy.

Rus Sullivan, Seattle, WA

I just want to let everyone know how awesome Darcy is at reading animals (and people, for that matter!) I had my session with her and my cat, Indy.  I had never had a reading for a pet, and it was so much more than I expected. Darcy told me that Indy, my cat, has been with me many, many lifetimes; and that she had been waiting to “introduce herself”.  Indy told us that she finds her name humorous because one of the things Indy does is work with “Indigo” children.  There was SO much more information that came through…         

But the main message I want to convey is that Darcy is a natural at communicating with animals, and everything she said made sense and was incredibly accurate. I would highly recommend having Darcy help anyone who is interested in communicating with their pet!

Pam Nyikos, Issaquah, WA

Darcy is an awesome instrument for assistance in communicating with loved ones, especially animals, who have passed over. Her connection to the spirit world (and our loved ones)- is so amazingly spot on. Not only have I had awesome animal communication sessions with Darcy, but went back and sought her assistance in my personal life in other areas. She was able to share insightful information through her connection with spirit guides and her intuitive reading gifts.Thanks Darcy, you’ve made such a difference in such a short time. Looking forward to more sessions!

Karen Leach, Laurinberg, NC

The insight with Lady Belle was amazing!

It’s totally inspired me to continue on my healing path. I could not have done this without you and I want to (attend) more of your events! Thank you so much for all your kind guidance, love and intuitions – Kathryn Zahlis Hodges, Snohomish, WA

I was considering adopting another pet, and had a session with Darcy to check in with my doggie Sophie Marie, about a possible new member to our family. She was able to talk to Sophie and read her needs on the situation very clearly. And well…. suffice to say, we’re not adding to our family! Darcy’s readings are amazing. As a professional clairvoyant myself, I can tell you she is the real thing! – Megan Skinner (Professional Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counselor)

I recently was compelled to book a session with Animal Communicator and Medium Darcy Pariso.

I was concerned about my friend’s lost cat and how my 2 cats were not getting along. When you are a metaphysical mother of a 2 legged or 4 legged you want all the information you can get to make the quality of everyone’s lives better.
In the process of communicating to all of the cats my deceased daughter Darcy came through. I am a medium and had not spoken through another medium to speak with my own daughter before. It was completely validating about what my experiences had been with her and Darcy was able to give me details that I never would have seen if she had not exposed me to that information about my precious relationship with my deceased daughter. My daughter has been dead for 38 years. It was very comforting to see her through the glorious lens that Darcy provided.
Also, my friend’s lost cat was found and my 2 cats are getting along again.
Thank you Darcy! As my kitty Bella purrs in my lap I see a vision of my Angel Daughter Darcy blowing you kisses thanking you for helping us! – Robin Alexis, Mt. Shasta, CA, Mystic Radio, KKNW 1150

I want to tell you that the minute we closed our call, Tux Redux immediately returned to his precious self and has remained so. He is back to his old self – he LOVES talking with you! – Peter Michaels, Seattle, WA

Had an absolutely awesomely, fantastical, meaningful and wonderful animal communication reading from Darcy Pariso!!!! I cannot believe all the information she shared with me from my Jax! I think she does a wonderful job and is incredibly connected. I highly, highly, HIGHLY, recommend her for anyone out there that would like a reading for their pets.
–Laurie Regan, Auburn, WA

Darcy! I’m so glad our paths crossed. That was the intersection where my life started changing and I moved into a new direction and I adopted a new attitude.
– Heather Disch Schweinsberg, New York

Darcy Pariso and I have worked with and for each other for several years.

When I adopted a rescue pup 2 years ago that was the only survivor out of 50 dogs in a hoarding situation, I knew she would be a challenge, but I thought my wife and I were up to it.
After about 9 months of frustration (we even tried to find another home for her!) we still had a dog that would listen only to herself and what she wanted. I assume that is how she survived in her terrible environment. No amount of my healing work got through to her, but Darcy did.
In her communication with Brandy, Darcy found out that she missed a boy, which was why she continually ran away. She was still looking for the boy!
I determined that I would have to be that boy (at 60 years old) and so I sent Brandy mental images of us playing and going on adventures together as I worked on her training. Now we do go on adventures, she doesn’t run away and she listens when I want her to be quiet or come to me and heel.
I definitely recommend Darcy and her communication skills it sparked a beautiful relationship between me and my dog!

-Dr. Nels Rasmussen, Healing Ministry for Animals, Darrington, WA

I am not new to intuitive readings. I actually go through phases where I use them quite frequently and then other times not at all for years. I will always listen to the recording right after my session and then rarely will I listen to it again. 85% of the time my readings tend to be affirming to what I already know, this was no different with my first reading with Darcy. I did my usual, listen to the recording within days of the reading and then completely forget about what was ever said…that was until last week when I came across her reading and decided to listen.

My mouth dropped to the floor when I re-listened to what she (Darcy) said two years ago. Everything she ‘saw’ from the timing and the description of my new office to where I was going to meet my partner was 100% accurate. I truly could not believe what I was hearing. Needless to say, I picked up the phone the next day and made another appointment. I just finished my second reading with Darcy, and again she affirmed a lot of what I already know and gave me key pieces to pay attention to in the coming months. What I forgot from my first reading with her but was reminded of yesterday, is her ability to listen, her strong compassionate nature and her desire to be sure you got all your answers that you came for. I will definitely be following up with this recording in a few months. If you are on the fence of getting a reading, I HIGHLY recommend you get off the fence and make an appointment with Darcy. She is one of the best I have ever seen, and I have SEEN A LOT!!! You will not be disappointed, I promise.

 -P. Porter

Workshop/Communication Course Testimonials

It’s amazing how much the horses bring to us that’s informational and healing at the same time, and not just for us individually, but for themselves and as a group.  – Cindy J, Edmonds, WA

Loved touching the horses and talking with you. It was perfect!  It was a very healing experience for me.  – Ann Lally, Edmonds, WA

Darcy’s Cherished Complements

“The knowledge and information totally met my expectations!”

“Your classes are definitely applicable to everyday life!”

“We all grew during the duration of the two parts.”