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Horse Tales

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Casanova says, “We are all capable of more than we realize. I was a role model to others who did not know they could also work to realize their own potential.” Upon learning he was a retired race horse, I immediately felt my horse’s frustration. Images flooded my mind of him maneuvering this steep grade [...]

Duck, Duck, Goose

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“Can you tell us what happened to our goose? He just disappeared one day.” The building was humming with activity. People of all ages and walks of life strolled among the more than 70 vendors examining items such as crystals, jewelry, and drums, and sampling services ranging from various healing modalities to a plethora of readings. [...]

Sami: One Cat, Two Lives

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Darcy Pariso shares the story of her cat Sami’s second chance at life, courtesy of the network of “healing cats” who are part of a higher, healing consciousness available to those in need. Sami came into our lives ten years ago. We adopted this pretty, female tortoiseshell cat when my daughter fell in love with her at a [...]

Communicating with Animals

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We are born with the ability to communicate with animals, but most of us lose this ability in childhood when we become immersed in a world of language and rules. Darcy Pariso looks at how we can reestablish this connection and share in our animals’ lives more deeply. “Intuitive communication is the language of all [...]

Travel Companions

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Have you wondered what your dog or cat does when you’re away? Does your bird think about you? Do they miss you? What do they do? I was about to find out. It was Wednesday night and my weekly mediumship group was practicing psychometry. We were to bring items belonging to family and friends in [...]

Cat Tales

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“Can you help me with Cleo? She’s been jumping on the bed waking us up at 4 a.m. for the past several days. She’s also been walking around the house meowing loudly. What is going on?” I tuned into my friend’s cat. Cleo welcomed the opportunity to communicate and started by saying, “First, I don’t [...]

Stress, Change and Animals

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I watched Moose mingle among the guests then allow children to pet him. He bore little resemblance to the quiet, watchful cat who was often found on the stairs, ready to run away if necessary. “He’s an entirely different cat! His personality has totally changed,” his family exclaimed. Moose was certainly more confident and charismatic [...]