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Animal Soul Wisdom Radio with Darcy Pariso

Animal Soul Wisdom is to share stories and insights that help you to better understand and deepen your relationship with animals, all animals. Darcy wants to call attention to the multiple roles animals play, from working with us on our soul agreements, raising our consciousness, and healing they’re doing on behalf of the earth and all of us. Tune in twice monthly on Transformation Talk Radio!

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Darcy is a super-gifted animal intuitive and medium here in Seattle whose work has positively impacted so many people here – including me and my animals!

Sunny Joy McMillan, Sunny In Seattle, KKNW Radio, Seattle, WA

Hi Darcy.  I just wanted to let you know Patrick has been taking the hemp oil for a couple weeks now and I do see a difference with that and the healing.  He’s calmer and seems more comfortable in the house.  The last couple times we went to the dog park, he trotted about 5 paces behind people a few times to get their scent and he got within 3 feet of one woman.  He’s never been that close comfortably to any strangers.  Just wanted to say thanks again and give you the update.

Tricia Tavis and Patrick Lally Tavis, Marysville, WA