* “Every Dog happens for a reason.”

The bonds between man and his best friend are seen through the eyes of one soul and that soul’s many lives. In his first incarnation, his name is Bailey.

Bailey’s heart fills with joy as he discovers Mother for the first time. Unfortunately, his bliss comes to a halt each time a puppy struggles to leave or join the pile. Not just one, but all three siblings roll, fall, and crawl over him regularly with legs, tails, and bodies intertwined in sometimes unimaginable ways. Disappointment, competition, and excitement are just some of the emotions Bailey experiences, and it’s just the beginning of a life of learning to read cues and scents, often for his very survival.

Bailey is both a participant and an observer, spending his early days playing, watching his ridiculous siblings, and exploring in the hope of spying that elusive frog. Bailey discovers relationships can be complicated and sometimes confusing as he learns to fit in and glean what he can while life lessons continue to unfold in front of him.

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Why is he here? Does Bailey have a life purpose? If so, does he fulfill it? Animals join us on the earth plane with a carefully designed plan created before their arrival with a unique purpose, just like humans. As interdimensional travelers, we choose to return to earth school to continue our soul’s evolution and like many other travelers are better for the experience.

Ainslie MacLeod describes his beliefs regarding our human soul progression and lessons we commonly choose in his book, The Instruction. From its first print in 2007, The Instructiondeepened my understanding of and compassion for all people. Why couldn’t we modify and apply this same progression, understanding, and compassion to dogs, cats, and other species or souls? We all begin our journey with training wheels before moving to positions of teacher and leader. Anyone involved with animals can tell you animals are among the best teachers for humans.

We see many life lessons play out in Bailey’s lives in A Dog’s Purposeonce his world includes people. We show Bailey we are capable of both love and deception. With some of us hurling our unhealed wounds on those who are unable to defend themselves.

Dogs shine and are superstars for many of us. They can bring us to tears and instigate belly-laughs with their antics. Puppies and new souls are often a “doodle dog” like Bailey until they get it, and the question remains, “do dogs really laugh?”

In answer to the question “is there a point to this journey?” animals communicate that even a short life is important and often intentional. Feral cats are sometimes trying on a feline body for the experience or before deciding to commit to it. Other animals come in at a pivotal time to help a loved one or bring a gift then cross over or just disappear. Even short lives can teach us to let go, practice patience or may bring in new medical knowledge. It’s the happy memories dogs remind us to hold on to, the goofy smile, the pride we feel in their accomplishments and that special look reserved just for us. It’s all part of the journey.

A dog I recently communicated with shared she made a tremendous impact on her human. She changed his life by helping him open his heart. She brought joy and playfulness into his world and helped him spiritually through her passing just as she intended.

Animals who share our lives are here to teach us to lighten up and to give and receive love, then share it in human and animal relationships. If you know someone with a houseful of animals, you might guess these animals are helping bring in the highest depth of love for that person in this lifetime.

Penelope Smith writes in Animals in Spirit animals often help us by moving energy and clearing old patterns. These same animal spirits come back to earth to raise our vibration and expand self-imposed boundaries. They touch us with acceptance, understanding, and compassion and work diligently supporting us knowing love is the key to raising the earth’s vibrations for all life. Finally, they leave us with gifts of light and sometimes open a portal allowing us access to higher dimensions to expand our awareness.

The goal for these animal spirits is to help people and animals heal themselves and be whole again. My cat, Sami, worked with what I call the “animal healing network” here in physical form then after crossing over feeling she “could do more” in spirit. You, too, may be sharing your life with a skilled healer or entire group of them.

Throughout the story, Bailey asks himself important questions in each incarnation, such as “what is the meaning of life?” Is it “licking and loving?” lifetime after lifetime and will he discover “why food tastes so much better in the trash?

Find out if this hilarious “doodle dog” finds the answers to his questions in A Dog’s Purpose on Friday, Jan. 27th, National Dog Day, and see yourself through your dog’s eyes. You may start discovering what magic is taking place in your lives.

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