She held his face in her hands and knew it was him. “It was his eyes, and I felt his energy,” she gushed. Today Tammy had asked a young couple walking by if she could “see their dog for a few minutes.” In explanation for the sudden tears, Tammy shared she had lost her tri-color King Charles Spaniel just a few months ago. Any concerns or questions the couple had immediately dissipated and their faces softened with understanding and compassion.

The distance between Tammy and her beloved family dog had prevented her from being there in the end. She cried as she said goodbye over the phone, wishing she could see him one last time. As I continued the reading, Tammy’s dog reassured her he’s always with her, loving and supporting her just as he always did, regardless of any miles between them. He knew that seeing him again would help her to let go of feelings of sadness and regret. Now she laughed as he teased her, then smiled hearing him share favorite memories. This expression of love is what animals do for us, for you and me.

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

I asked if Tammy’s dog was a “walk-in” (a soul that takes another animal’s body by agreement) because the dog she met on the street was approximately three years old. He replied he had only borrowed this dog’s body for a little while to see her again and help her to heal.

I’ve learned over the years that it’s not uncommon for animals in shelters to allow another animal to take their body. Shelter animals are often more than happy for the opportunity to leave and choose another incarnation. The animal taking his place is often aware that his former family will find him here. This experience may, additionally, create the perfect situation toward accomplishing the animal’s life purpose. Do they need to learn to trust, overcome fears and separation? Are they here to help other animals? I’ve witnessed animals in shelters healing others who are overwhelmed, depressed or fearful and it was part of their life purpose. Turtles in the Reptile Zoo confided that they enjoyed discussing the day’s visitors and communicating with the other residents once the lights were out. They had set-up the perfect system to learn more about humans!

“Is my cat Tigger now Sophie?” she asked. Sophie had crossed over two months ago, and now Tigger was acting very peculiar. In fact, he was doing three or four things that only Sophie did. Though it baffled the family initially, Sophie’s personality traits and behaviors were undeniable. Tigger was behaving like Sophie.

As the woman explained these behaviors and characteristics, I watched Sophie enter Tigger’s body and Tigger easily slip out. “Interesting,” I thought, “it’s that easy, one soul gently lifts out to make room for the other.” The two cats informed us this was an agreement that was mutually beneficial. Sophie wanted to spend this time with her family to help them with their grief, while Tigger said he had a very particular reason for needing some “time-off.” He saw a “golden opportunity” to advance himself on the other side. Both cats made it clear that this was a temporary switch but the family could expect it periodically until Tigger’s work was completed.

How often does this happen, I wondered? Many people experience visits from their animals from time-to-time. I often hear “I heard my cat meow, I felt him on my bed last night” and for the owner of one 12-pound cat, “I felt his weight on my chest!” Some people see orbs in their homes after an animal or loved one departs. These opaque circles, often captured in photos, can be very subtle or appear as a light show across the room.  The stories are amazing and not-so-uncommon at the same time.

When I talk to “visiting animals” they describe where their person can expect to see them. These are often their favorite places to be sure we get the message. It’s reassuring and comforting to feel our animal friend’s love and know they will see us again. Was there a time you suspected your cat was another cat, even for a short while? Did a memory of a childhood horse suddenly enter your thoughts? Did you feel the same emotions? When conveying messages from animals in spirit, people often say, “I felt that, I thought I heard him and I knew it.” If this has happened to you, trust it, know it’s real. Your animal friend is saying, “Hello! I’m here. I love you and support you and always will.”

I also find being near water helps to gain clarity and receive messages. Whether it’s a walk along a beach, meditation, writing or any form of art, a quiet mind has space for creativity and freedom. It can also be a time of special memories from animals and loved ones. Along with these memories, often comes ideas and guidance pointing the way. They may also show up in our dreams or even another animal’s body. Animals are very comfortable in the high vibration of love. They are experts in finding ways to show us their love for us never dies.