As I sit down to meditate, my mind drifts to my King Charles Spaniel. This morning I noticed his front leg is shaking along with his head and back leg; his seizures are getting worse. He enters the room and says he’s not feeling well. I drop to the floor and start Matrix Energetics system of healing and transformation on him. I had been offering reiki’s life-force healing energy to Griffin all week but it was time for a new approach. I begin by asking Griffin what he needs to release. The list is long after 11 dog years. It saddens me to learn Griffin has post-traumatic stress disorder.

As we look back over his life, I see a time when my now elderly dog was barely a year old. It was the night our family cat, Tigger, crossed over. Tigger took this puppy with paws he hadn’t grown into yet under his wing. They bonded while we taught Griffin to fetch and retrieve his new toy basketball. Tigger watched our puppy’s astonishment each time the ball squeaked, fascinated by him!

Everything changed the evening my daughter cried out, “Mom, Tigger is dying.” The moment I heard his pitiful cries, I knew she was right. I found our cat dragging himself down the hall paralyzed from the waist down. Shouting into the phone to be heard, the veterinary technician informed me Tigger had a blood clot in his heart chamber. The pain from feline aortic thromboembolism (FATE) was excruciating. We arrived at the hospital in record time late that night. We held Tigger for the last time, kissed him and said our goodbyes quickly. He could now find the peace that would come from releasing his physical body. With him went a piece of our own hearts.

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Stunned that we had lost our cat of 10 years in just over an hour, we returned home. I entered the family room and picked up the confused puppy we had left behind. He appeared to be in shock. I carried this sweet little dog into my bed, petting Griffin and talking to him in an attempt to comfort us both.

Today, working with Matrix Energetics, I find the source of Griffin’s PTSD as I observe shock in Griffin’s body from that same night. Tigger’s traumatic passing was beyond his comprehension at his tender age.

Next, we move to an image of me holding Griffin at 10 weeks of age at the breeders. He is a very timid puppy. He now feels safe. He tells me he had been waiting for me, as this is his third incarnation with me. After paying our deposit and scheduling a pickup date, we eventually say goodbye to our future puppy.

Griffin’s siblings have now all left for new homes and he is alone. He is filled with fear and feels abandoned. Soon we return from a family vacation and immediately drive to the breeder’s excited to bring our puppy home. When Griffin sees us, he runs and hides. The breeder has to pull him out and comfort him before handing him over to us. I better understand his lifelong separation anxiety and fears.

Now Griffin shows me the last life we were together. We had four very special years together before I am forced to say goodbye to him. I had accepted an airline job in a nearby city and would no longer be able to care for him. He knew I worried about him and wondered if he was happy. He, too, had these same concerns for me.

Using Matrix Energetics, we release these feelings and replace them with feelings of safety, confidence, and love. He feels better. I tell him our hearts are forever tied together via our heart chords, through all time and space.

Our animals often need to heal and release the same patterns and trauma we do. They sometimes need our assistance and often offer us theirs through their unconditional love.

Last spring Griffin was struggling and thought he might be ready to leave the earth. I was guided to perform a soul retrieval. To my surprise, my Havanese Cohbi was first up! Cohbi showed me images of my visit to Michigan six years after she was rehomed with Griffin.

I was 30 years old visiting my family with my new baby when I saw her outside her new home. I stopped and got out of the car to say hello to this family when she came around the corner. She was now a 10-year-old Silky Terrier with a broken back and twisted pelvis. I felt sick as I held back threatening tears and asked what happened to her. I learned she had been hit across the back with a stick by a boy for barking. I wanted to go to her, but hesitated; fearful I wouldn’t be able to control my emotions. Before I could respond, she was off chasing a squirrel and the choice was made for me.

Today I learned of the deep sadness my Silky Terrier still carried from this time. She told me she had always longed to see me again. Now I was back and I didn’t hold her or tell her I loved her the way I used to. She had also wanted to be introduced to my new baby. Shocked over this information and devastated at my thoughtless behavior, I apologized profusely.

Because time is really an illusion, we traveled back over 20 years energetically to create a new story. This time, I held her. I cried, overjoyed to see her; I kissed her and told her how much I loved her and missed her. Finally, I carried this previous little dog that meant everything to me over to my new baby and properly introduced them. She felt the tremendous love and pride in my heart for each of them. Her heart is healed; love transcends all time and space.