We are born with the ability to communicate with animals, but most of us lose this ability in childhood when we become immersed in a world of language and rules. Darcy Pariso looks at how we can reestablish this connection and share in our animals’ lives more deeply.

“Intuitive communication is the language of all life; it needs no translation.” 
– Learning Their Language, Marta Williams

Your heart swells after hearing your cat voice her love and gratitude for you. You smile after receiving a song expressing the words in your dog’s heart as he nears the end of his life. After hearing his riding preferences and previous experiences, you are able to determine the best path for your new horse. These are examples of real messages from animals as well as their impact.

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

We are born with the ability to communicate with animals and we’ve done this before. Most of us lose this ability in childhood when we become immersed in a world of language and rules. We can reestablish this connection with practice and share our lives more deeply.

You can communicate with an animal telepathically anywhere in the world, regardless of any differences in language and be understood. An entire story can also be transmitted in seconds. You may perceive it as a knowing, see an image, and feel how the animal feels, or even hear their words. You can sense love, happiness, and wisdom, as well as pain and suffering from the animals in your own life.

Have you ever wondered where the thought came from to take your dog with you in the car or that maybe he would like a treat? Our animals often break into our thoughts and send us messages; there is an equal exchange that takes place between the two of you.

In My Animal, My Self, Marta Williams provides numerous examples of how “Animals consciously and, and even at times purposely reflect back to us what is going on inside us, including our beliefs, our emotions, and even our physical conditions. They can read our minds and hearts directly, without external clues, and even when we ourselves are unconscious of our thoughts and feelings, our animals will, at times, deliberately act these out for our benefit – to show us what we can’t see ourselves.”

Animals communicate to us through their actions and behaviors to provide opportunities our soul’s growth.

Our animal’s personality shines through in their words and descriptions. Some are humorous and thoughtful while others are serious and focused. Younger or traumatized animals can be scattered and need help to be more grounded in their body before they can begin to communicate.

A conversation with an animal’s personality provides much more than his day-to-day preferences.

People often respond with a chuckle “that is exactly what he would say!” after hearing their animal’s opinions. A friend was surprised to hear her cat say “he’s just a roommate!” when referring to the other cat in the home. She felt they were close like “brothers.” I had the same reaction after hearing my “sweet” King Charles Spaniel describe himself as a “stubborn old cuss.” It didn’t take long for me to recall his refusal to continue our walk and all that followed to get him back home.

Sometimes messages from an animal’s soul can differ from those of their personality. A cat may complain about a change of food and want her litter box cleaned more often while her soul reports that she’s trying to learn to be more flexible. When my dog was ten years old, he expressed he wanted to leave as he was tired of having seizures and not feeling well despite holistic and conventional approaches. When I asked his soul if he would be willing to stay if I could find something that would help him feel better, he quickly answered yes!

I was recently asked to be a second consultation for a horse. His personality did everything to convince me he needed to be put down. He was a prideful horse who now considered himself ugly with no hope of repairing an infected foot. His soul stated he absolutely needed to stay and to “man up” and accept the help around him! The soul is always interested in what it is learning and how to best fulfill its purpose.

We don’t often consider we can talk to our animals about anything. Who better to ask then someone who knows you so intimately? Whether it’s your job, a relationship, or issues within the home, all you have to do is ask. Our animals love to be consulted about issues that concern them or anything that could change their lives. Involve them in these decisions. Are you considering bringing another animal into the house, moving, or making any changes? Treat your animal as an equal. They are more than happy to share their feelings and concerns with us.

It’s helpful when speaking with your animals to pay attention to your words. Animals stop listening when they don’t understand.

  • Below are reminders when communicating with any animal:
  • Make positive requests.
  • Tell them what you want from them.
  • Show them images in your mind along with the request.
  • Briefly explain the “why” behind it.
  • Keep it simple and be clear.
  • Be consistent and reinforce your message.
  • Give them time to learn and integrate your request.
  • Catch them “being good” then, praise, praise, praise!

Our animals want us to know them and desire to play a more meaningful part in our lives. There are many different ways to communicate with them. Try several methods and find what works best for you. Make it a game; animals urge us to play more and find laughter and joy in each situation. Trust what you feel, then enjoy the rewards of a deeper bond, and a more fulfilling relationship.

Update on Sami: One Cat, Two Lives. July, 2015 column.
On July 2, 2015, we said goodbye to our beloved cat, Sami. She left excited to cross the Rainbow Bridge and return Home and is already looking forward to her next life and the adventures that lie ahead.