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Visitors and Walk-Ins

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She held his face in her hands and knew it was him. “It was his eyes, and I felt his energy,” she gushed. Today Tammy had asked a young couple walking by if she could “see their dog for a few minutes.” In explanation for the sudden tears, Tammy shared she had lost her tri-color [...]

A Chat with Reindeer

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Their names are Blitzen and Dasher. They have been ringing in the holiday season at Swanson’s Nursery in Seattle for the past four years with Blitzen replacing her mother. The eight-year-old female reindeer arrive in mid-November then return home to Eastern Washington in time for Christmas and their holiday break on Dec. 24th. Now Blitzen [...]

A Dog’s Purpose – the Movie

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* “Every Dog happens for a reason.” The bonds between man and his best friend are seen through the eyes of one soul and that soul’s many lives. In his first incarnation, his name is Bailey. Bailey’s heart fills with joy as he discovers Mother for the first time. Unfortunately, his bliss comes to a [...]

It’s Only Words

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Words matter. They can lift us up, help us to feel safe, and fill our hearts with love. All relationships are unique. In my animal communication class, we do an exercise where we experience an animal’s perspective, then feel what it’s like to be in his body. People often say their understanding and empathy deepens [...]