“Can you tell us what happened to our goose? He just disappeared one day.”

The building was humming with activity. People of all ages and walks of life strolled among the more than 70 vendors examining items such as crystals, jewelry, and drums, and sampling services ranging from various healing modalities to a plethora of readings. My poster, with its images of my King Charles Spaniel and a Maine Coon Cat, announced “Animal Intuitive and Mediumship Readings.” I was participating in one of Seattle’s largest holistic expos with an estimated crowd of 300-500 people.

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

I scanned the six inquisitive faces of the family standing before me; then quickly focused on the goose. I began clairvoyantly describing the images I saw. This large white snow goose, with his inflated chest and confident strut, revealed an air of authority and leadership. Similar to military training, he required the young geese demonstrate proficiency through drills and inspections. The snow goose emphasized he demanded the very best from his flock. He not only pushed them individually, but also insisted they know their role within the flock and understand the importance of staying in the V-formation when in-flight. He was adamant they work as a cohesive group. Nothing seemed to escape his watchful eye.

Soon impressions of what appeared to be another inspection flooded my mind. In this scene, the snow goose recognized his flock now possessed the degree of confidence and pride he had been working diligently to instill in each of them. Through discipline and hard work, the flock had honed their abilities to a commendable level and was now ready to fly solo.

The snow goose had provided the geese with the necessary tools to help them create a successful life and contribute toward their safety and well-being. Feelings of triumph permeated his body. It was at this moment, the snow goose knew his work was done. He had completed his soul contract.

Next, I observed the snow goose walk purposefully into the nearby woods. It was predestined he fulfill this final portion of his agreement.  He communicated with the animals in the forest that he was now ready to leave. With a happy heart for a life well-lived, he offered his body to the forest animals, relishing the joy that he would soon be “Home” once again.

The family acknowledged the snow goose’s personality and unwavering determination. They understood his purpose by the way he lived his life. They left happy, knowing their friend was at peace.

In Animals in Spirit, Penelope Smith addresses the predator/prey agreement where animals often “set up” their death. Most animals leave their bodies upon impact, feeling no pain. Animals view death differently than humans, seeing it as a return to their natural state. They are spiritual beings that come to the Earth with a purpose and mission to accomplish.

Soon I was answering questions for a woman regarding her dog. I explained “Your dog is telling me he played an important role in helping you with something. He was responsible for changing an outcome and your life. He’s showing me he wouldn’t let up until you listened.” A serious expression washed over her face as she revealed her dog had begun pushing on her side. It was always the same side and same area.

As this nudging increased and became more urgent, the woman knew something was terribly wrong.  Trusting her intuition, she immediately jumped in her car and drove to her doctor’s office.  After a quick examination, she learned her appendix was about to burst. She thanked her dog for alerting her, not giving up, and saving her from what could have been devastating consequences.

Because of an animal’s ability to perceive energy, they can sense changes within a person’s energy field. We’ve heard reports of dogs detecting cancer, alerting their person of blood sugar or blood pressure changes, seizures looming, and even when a heart attack was imminent. Her cat had recently crossed over and my next client wanted to know if he was okay. “Do you feel your cat in bed at night?” I asked. “I see him lying across your chest and neck, gently pawing your face,” I continued. She laughed with great delight, replying she did feel his presence in her bed. She confided she felt “a little crushed” under the weight of his twelve pound body, yet didn’t have the heart to move him. She was overjoyed to have her intuition validated and receive confirmation her cat was with her, comforting her and letting her know he was happy and just fine!  She was thrilled to know they would always be connected.

Intuitively, I see animals (as well as people) who have recently crossed over wrapped in a beautiful cocoon of light, with vibrant colors around them. There are angels and other beings of light helping heal anything that needs to be healed. If they’ve been sick for a while, they may choose to stay in the cocoon longer.

As multidimensional beings, a soul can choose to continue with this healing while another part of their spirit visits and comforts loved ones here on Earth. Our souls are infinite and more complex than we could ever imagine. In these brief readings, our beloved animals demonstrated just some of the many ways they assist us and that they continue to support us even after their death. They generously exceed any awareness or expectations we may have.

You can visit Darcy at the Conscious Wellness Expo in Kent, Washington on July 25, 2015.