Animals Talk

Ask questions; check in with animals that have transitioned; or book a follow-up session. Address behavioral issues. Communicate with animals that have transitioned 

Soul Wisdom Mediumship

Communicate with loved ones, receive messages, ask questions, and share memories w/family, friends, and animals. 

Energy Healing

Reiki-Intuitive Scanning-Energy Clearing

Reiki is an energy that flows through a practitioner “tuned” to you or your animal friends and works on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues to help clear blocks or issues that are ready to be released and healed.

Intuitive Guidance and Coaching

Answers life questions and about the past, present, and forward movement.

Thank you for visiting us.

As an Animal Intuitive and Medium, I use my abilities to connect with your loved ones and the animals in your life.

I am a voice that speaks on your animal’s behalf, an animal advocate, an energy healer and medium. I help you understand your animal’s intentions and what’s behind them. I share their stories and experiences with you, both past and present, and anything I’m shown through their eyes.

These wise souls are our teachers who love us unconditionally. I believe they always come back to us and that we have shared many previous lives and we will see them again. These messages are as varied as their personalities.

“Darcy has helped me with the loss of two cats. She helped me to connect with both of them after they had passed and it brought me a huge sense of peace. I miss their physical presence, but now know they are still around me. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Darcy!”

Karrin D., Bellevue, WA

“I slept like a baby! Feel better today than I have in weeks! You are amazing! Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

–Rus Sullivan, Seattle

Peace Warriors

Animals are the “soldiers on the ground” who agreed to help us on our soul’s path, accomplish what we came here to do and be our best selves. They get our attention through their actions, sometimes mimicking behaviors or taking on our stress or illness. They role model what we need or what we’re doing to call it to our attention.

A Catalyst…I am a catalyst bringing forth your brilliance.

My readings are focused on providing evidence, communication and answering your questions. Our loved ones continue to support us from the other side and can provide guidance as they are very much aware of our life situations.

Animals are always happy to communicate, share their perspective and remind us of their unconditional love. Whether here or in spirit, animals can teach us about ourselves, and help us with any healing. Their only wish is for our happiness. It’s my honor to reunite you with your loved ones, offer proof that life goes on, and provide another opportunity to communicate what lies in your heart.

The Story…Knowing your animal’s story is important.

Seeing them through a new lens changes the relationship. People tell me they never forget stories I’ve shared in a class or a reading and how they’ve changed their perception.

As a storyteller, I hear their words and see the event and any important details clairvoyantly through the animal or person’s eyes. I feel their feelings and the energy surrounding the situation.

It may include grief, fear, or abandonment that is triggering a specific behavior. I may be shown an entire storyline or, sometimes, a single scene speaks volumes. Regardless, the information is key in knowing how to proceed.